BizStory Content Guide

Speed up the website content creation process

Speeding up the content process

What you will learn from using this guide?

  1. How to evaluate your content provider – are they working for you?
  2. When to call for back up – getting the right team on your project
  3. How to speed up the sign-off process

Who is this guide written for?

A creative that requires content to complete a website or launch a new campaign:
  • Graphic designer or web developer
  • Digital account manager
  • Lead creative at an agency

This guide is aimed at those who find content the area that slows down the launch of a website for your clients.

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The BizStory team don’t just create content, but content that our clients love and their customer’s actually want to read.

That’s because they take the time to really understand our clients – it’s what sets them apart from the rest.”

– Jessica Vick, Traff1k D1g1tal

Emma Mearns - ASICS NZ

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