Here are some common questions we get

Frequently asked questions about our SME articles

Who do you work with?

We get a thrill from working with designers and agencies who share our philosophy:

Focus on what you love. 

We belong to a community of enthusiastic partners who specialise in their field of digital marketing, design and web development.

They generally concentrate on running monthly campaigns or creating websites. This helps to drive revenue and generate sales enquiries for their clients.

If you are working with clients to either build websites or run their digital marketing campaigns, we could be a good fit.

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Do you use freelance writers and contractors?

Quite simply: no.

We are able to provide a quality, scalable service because we employ writers who are dedicated to our full-time opportunities.

This allows us to create a consistent customer experience for your clients. Plus, writers who are with us from day-to-day build strong customer relationships rather quickly; and good relationships let us do what we love – crafting awesome web content.

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We already have writers. Why should we use your services?

Are your writers up-to-date with current web writing standards? 

Our partners enjoy the fact they can be hands off and still offer a web content solution to their clients by working with a team that is conscious of SEO and writing best practices. 

We also have an ever-watchful eye on trends. 

If you want the content with your projects to run smoother, give us a shout!

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My clients always ask for the budget (price) in advance. Is this a problem?

If you’re like us, do you get annoyed when you hear:

  • “We price per word.”
  • “How many hours do you have budgeted?” 
  • “We need to write it first, but we can give you a rough estimate.” 

Our trusted partners receive custom fixed pricing so they can easily include web content as a service whenever required.

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What is the price? And what currency do you invoice us in?

Upon contacting us, you will receive a list of fixed pricing packages detailed with wholesale rates as well as RRP rates. All to make it easy for your clients.

All invoices will be based on the currency within your region: AUD$ / NZD$ / USD$ / GBP£ / EUR€ / CAD$ / SGD$.

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I want to make sure the quality is there for my client. How can I do this?

As a trusted partner, we focus on transparency and clear communication. We keep you informed every step of the way. Your client has sign off during key stages of the project to make sure we are all on the same page.  

In our experience, quality content matches your client's brand and is web ready. 

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What is your guarantee?

We will always hand over our written words within a fixed time-frame.

You will never chase your clients for content again. Our content will fit your design and it will be SEO optimised.

Our core service is web content so you never have to worry about us trying to do any sneaky design work or development overhauls because we don’t have access to your systems ... or any clue how to do that!

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Our clients are all over the world and have complex services. How can you help?

Like any good team, our skills complement one another. 

Having a content team brings new techniques and perspectives which are required to write for various organisations and to understand different global markets.

Technical writing is something we love, as it gives us a chance to showcase how many hands make light work when creating engaging content. 

Industries we've worked for include:

  • Accommodation
  • Accounting
  • Architecture
  • Building
  • Civil
  • Distribution
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Insolvency
  • Logistics
  • Marketing & design agencies
  • Medical
  • Motor vehicles
  • Non-for-profit
  • Publications
  • Public sector
  • Retail
  • Tourism

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Do you write articles?

While writing ecommerce or lead generation websites is a focus for us, we do specialise in writing digital articles. 

Promoted articles are commonly used within SEO, SEM and social campaigns that you manage for your clients.

SME articles are commonly used by small businesses who know they need content and need a helping hand.

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What do you get in the SME articles package?

We devise a topic plan to best showcase your range of products and services as well as important subject matter discussed within your industry. At its core, the SME articles will demonstrate your sound expertise and  share your personality with customers.

Once you sign off, our content team will create your articles ranging from 300 to 500 words. You decide whether to release new content all at once or weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or biannually.

Your SME articles content, along with image prompts and alt tags, will be provided in a PDF document.

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How can I use SME articles?

Once you receive your completed content pack, there are you have several paths you can take.

Post your article on your blog. Share the article across various social media channels, like Facebook or LinkedIn. Email your customers with your new content, so they know you’re still there.

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How are SME articles different to Promoted articles?

SME articles are shorter in length, but not necessarily in impact. SME articles allow you to talk to your customers. We know that business owners have limited time, so we create all articles in 3/6/12 packs. Based on the topic plan, we’ll create all articles for you so you can decide the when and where. 

Promoted articles offer a deeper and more customised content program that can be adjusted on a monthly basis. This product suits businesses that need an agile content program to fit with a new or existing marketing campaign.

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What is the benefit of doing a monthly blog?

There are two keys areas to consider.

Do your customers talk to you before talking to Google? Along with providing consistent contact with people, you can address any recent trend or advancement in your industry with ease. This helps you showcase your expertise and knowledge regularly so customers automatically think of you when they need an expert.

Are you getting enquiries online? Check out your competition and see what they are doing. Are they posting blogs, social posts online and how often? The same rule stands to keep up with your competition: You need to be doing at least what they are.

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What is your refund policy for my SME article plan?

100% Refund policy: before your content workshop has been booked you can request a full refund.

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How can I get started?

If you haven’t already, book yourself in for a 15-minute discovery call. 

During this time, we can talk about your website offerings and receive custom pricing for your web business.


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