Your design + our words = the perfect recipe for success

Nothing beats a good pairing when it comes to enjoying a meal. Whether it’s the perfect glass of wine or a scrumptious side, your meal is incomplete without it. 

You wouldn’t have fish without chips – so why would you deliver your design without the right content?  Our web copywriting services are the perfect complement to your main course. 

Give your clients something they can sink their teeth into with fit for-a-king (or queen) copywriting. Web content that truly satisfies and leaves people craving for more. 

Along with providing the perfect seasoning to your work, there’s other ways we can be of service...

Nothing beats some tasty content

We make sure “the booking” arrives on time

We know writing, especially copywriting web pages, can take up a lot of time for anyone. 

Have you spent a great deal of time shuffling your workload around when client content doesn’t turn up? What about that sigh that escapes your lungs as the number of people involved in “writing” content on the client side doubles? 

Planning and then changing your plan (again and again) can delay your project causing scheduling chaos. 

With us, you can just focus on your bread and butter – web design – and get paid for what you do. Stop waiting for your clients. We’ll make sure the content is delivered on time, every time.

Content turning up on time

We’ll help bring home the (SEO) bacon

When it comes to being found online, we use a secret ingredient with our content: choice keywords. 

This way, your client's website appears tastier to search engines so they rank higher than their competition.

Bring home the SEO bacon!

Use online content to complete your main course.

Your client will love it!

Enjoy content with a coffee
Our content is ready to serve

Our content is cooked to perfection

Always signed off by your client first, we’ll hand over the final content. 

All you have to do is serve it up in your design, a simple copy and paste job. It’s ready to go!

We're on the same cookbook page.

We follow your recipes to the letter

No matter how long we’ve been on the job, we’ll sound like we’ve been cooking up a storm with you for ages.

We’ll take the time to learn about your client, but we’re always keen to share our recipe notes. We also work hard to maintain the flavour profile your clients expect.

Let’s work together to deliver a content course that’s sure to please.

Ask about our guarantee and book in a chat.

Content with a local flavour

We’re locally sourced

Established in 2010, all online content is written using the BizStory Content process.

Our head office is based in Auckland and we service clients from Cape Reinga to the Bluff.

We always cook up your client's content safely

In a nutshell, you and your client are looked after: our BizStory Guarantee™

There’s nothing for you to set up. It’s like catering without the hassle of well… catering. You focus on what you do, we take care of the details. 

Your client is sure to have a final product they can’t wait to share with others. And we know first hand, word of mouth is the best form of marketing.

View the range of website copywriting services on offer to you.

Have a taste of what our partners are saying...

"To get authenticity, BizStory holds workshops with our clients.

They nail down tone and voice so they can speak our client's lingo – they talk the talk before they walk the walk. 

And our clients love it as the BizStory team is able to pinpoint and discover new aspects of their business that they didn't see before."

Greg Wallace
"Impressions really matter. So we wanted to help our clients complement their new bold, vibrant website designs with the right words. Through the grapevine, we heard of BizStory and got in touch with them. 

After working with BizStory on our first project, I knew partnering with them was a great choice. Not only was the client happy, but the phone was ringing with new jobs."

Tonia Hill

“Writing for an online audience isn’t a copy and paste job. We discovered this when our clients used their existing content to try and complete their new website. They then complained about not getting any enquiries...

BizStory demonstrated that writing for the web goes beyond just being good at writing. When we relaunched a website with BizStory content we saw an instant spike in relevant traffic and enquiries. The proof was in the content.” 

Thinus du Preez

Some of the brands we write for...

Auckland Transport


If you’re keen to share a kitchen with us, but you still have a few more questions about how we’ll work together, we’ve got a few tasting notes ready. 

Check out these frequently asked questions. If there’s something on your mind we haven’t covered off, get in touch!


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