Some call it wizardry, we call it the BizStory Method​

Let’s address the question on the tip of your tongue. What makes us different – and superior – to other copywriting agencies or freelance writers?

​First off, we’re not a one-trick-pony. Far from it.

In fact, our brand voice assessment strategy and unique creation process, the BizStory Method, guarantees we can write about any and every industry – expertly, confidently and engagingly.

And our varied and diverse range of previous projects proves just that; from construction, to tourism, to technology (and everything in between).

What we do

Have one or have them all together, these are the services that we deliver with our magic formula:

Copywriting for websites

Long-form online articles

Brand voice assessments

Over 70 industries and growing

Features that lift your brand

SEO gift-wrapped.

We offer the full package: as well as writing your content, we’ll make sure it gets found online. Because what’s the point of content if no one's going to read it?

Formatted for web and mobile.

We understand modern-day humans and their gadgets. Skimmable-friendly, dynamic and well laid out content encourages people to actually read it and be inspired to come back for more.

Delivered with a friendly customer support team.

A team dedicated to making your content experience the very best it can be, with regular feedback sessions and open communication for all questions and suggestions.

Perfected by an in-house team of writers.

From the initial strategy session, to the content creation, to the proofreading and edits, you get not one, but a whole team of expert copywriters working to create your content masterpiece.

Always original, relevant and engaging.

With the personality we determine for your brand woven throughout and emphasised in all the right places.

Content plan and strategies.

Our copywriting solutions are tailored to your relevant target audience and we deliver topical content to support your marketing strategy.

What about hiring an industry specialist to write your web content, you say?

An industry specialist will spew out their version of your business – the same one they’ve done for every one of their other clients.

And we all know in this day and age how crucial it is to stand out from the crowd and do something different.

That’s where we come in.

Make your brand shine

We don’t fit your business into a tired and overused industry template. The second element of the BizStory Method is that we find your personality – what’s unique about your business – and weave it into every piece of content that we produce for your brand.

Be it web content or long-form articles, we’ll make sure your brand gets noticed, and, most importantly, gets remembered.

You might be an agency, a web designer or a marketing manager. Find out how we tailor our copywriting solutions to you.

"BizStory crafted SEO-tailored content that proved a great fit for our ecommerce website. Their team also writes articles for us each month so the ASICS brand can engage with our customers in new and exciting ways.

– Emma Mearns, ASICS NZ

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