What to do after your website has gone live

How to reach people through your website

Once you’ve launched your website and it’s officially running wild on the web, you’ll want people to know it’s out there.

Whether your current business marketing has space for some website-launch advertisement or not, it’s crucial that people know you’re out there and reachable on the internet.

There are several ways you can go about letting people know you have a brand new website on the loose.

Ways to spread the word about your website

1. Social media advertising

If your business is active on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media account, use it to your advantage.

Think about posting an update with a link to your website. In the future, make sure you’re constantly incorporating links to your website with any information you post.

Remember that your new website is a brand new channel for people to buy, browse, or learn from – so give them an easy and accessible way to find it!

Sign up to Google My Business, and your website will have the advantage of showing up on google (and also be provided with a little validation).

2. Google My Business

Have you noticed that when you search for a business or a service, google provides a list of all related businesses on a map? This is because they’ve listed their website on Google My Business. 

This is the simplest way you can both let people know you have a website, and increase online traffic. 

Sign up to Google My Business, and your website will have the advantage of showing up on google (and also be provided with a little validation).

3. In-store or office

Think about the way you currently advertise your business or yourself. If there’s room to provide more information (which there almost certainly is) – then do it! 

You might have business cards, brochures, or shop advertising. Consider adding your website to them, it will help increase exposure.

Letting people know you have a website doesn’t stop.

After your website has gone live, you’ve always going to be advertising the fact that your business has a website.

Remember to always be using this tool you’ve designed for yourself. And don’t forget the old fashioned method of advertising: word-of-mouth will always help! Tell everyone about your endeavors and achievements in creating a website.

When to update your website

Even after your website launch’s honeymoon phase is over – you’ve still got to be proactive about using and advertising your website correctly.

As we have already stressed, the internet is always changing.

This means that updating your content, refreshing your website, and constantly keeping up with the new and improved standard of web design is something you just can’t avoid doing.

Keeping up with your content

Your fresh, new web design, is probably very modern. But if it never changes, then it won’t always be that way.

Think about it like this: HD photos wouldn’t have been as common as they are now, 10 years ago. But now they’re a necessity. Who knows what’s next?

To make sure you’re keeping your content fresh, ask yourself some questions every couple months or so.

  • Are other businesses similar to mine, doing something new that I’m not?
  • Are there any new standards across web design that i’m not following?

Keep your content fresh by always exploring the competition.

You should already be up to date with what the standards are now, but always remember that they also, might change.

If you’re constantly researching, subscribing to newsletters and discovering what new content becomes developed and popular, you’ll be able to keep up with the ever-evolving standards of web design.

Catering for business growth

The best way to think about keeping up with your website is this: as your business changes, so should your website. And your content is a direct reflection of who you are. So you wouldn’t want it to no longer be accurate, would you?

At the end of the day, you don’t want your web design to become dated, and you always want it to be used for exactly what your business needs.

But if you don’t actively consider what it’s working to achieve on a regular basis, then it won’t automatically align with any changes your business makes.

Going through a routine self evaluation and reflection will help you make sure it doesn’t.

If you already have business reflections and goal sessions set, think about adding in some time to consider how your website fits in.

Again, ask yourself some questions to trigger futuristic, goal-driven thought:

  • Do my images pair with my business’s advertising?
  • Does my copy still reflect what my business’s current values are?
  • Has my service, product, or education content changed?

Any changes to your business, means making alterations to your website.

Even making small decisions going forward is worthy of updating your web design and content. Your website is your tool, and what you’ll use to communicate your business to the world.

So make sure that it’s speaking the right words – current, fresh, and always aimed at achieving your goals to the future.

Blog posts

You might have decided to incorporate a blog into your web design, or maybe your entire website is a blog. Either way, that’s going to be your first port of call when it comes to posting website updates.

You want your blog to be consistent, so customers know when to expect new content.

It’s a valuable resource, but always remember that it’s not going to valuable if you don’t make it reliable. If you didn’t already sort out a process for how your blog will move forward, do it now.

Ask yourself a couple things to get a thorough plan sorted:

  • Who is writing for my blog?
  • When will the blog be posted - once a week, twice a week?
  • Who is generating ideas for my blog, and what are they going to be?

Keep in mind the consistency of your blog, and don’t forget to track it’s progress with reporting and analytics. This will help you know when you need to make further changes, by learning exactly what is generating your success.

Using social media

As we’ve already stressed, using social media is always important when it comes to online advertising. Your website is a new player in this world, but your social media platforms might be old and already established.

Whether they are or they aren’t, your website’s movements in the future should pair with the rest of your presence online, and visa versa.

This means that your website should connect to other social media, since they’re all used as an online platform for your business, to reach and engage customers.

Once your website has gone live, and in the future, ask yourself:

  • Do any employee profiles on LinkedIn, link to my website?
  • Does my website link to any other social media channels I use?
  • Do the posts I make on the other social media channels I use, also link to my website?

Keep your entire online presence in sync and well-connected.

The golden rule to follow with any future movements you make on your website is this: don’t isolate it from your other social media.

This means not giving your customers any dead ends – always make sure they have the means for finding further information and deepening your online connection.

Reflect and revise: step into the future by looking back on your journey

Hopefully you now have an idea of what you’re going to do moving forward with your website. It’s important to use your website as the tool it is, and always have a plan for how it will grow alongside your goals.

Always remember that the quality of your website should reflect the quality of your content, and so it goes for the rest of your journey.

Take some time to look back on what your goals were at the start, and if you think you’ve achieved it through your web design. Know how these goals will take your forward, and if you need to set some new ones upon your launch.

It’s time to take off!

Nestle your website into its new neighbourhood

You’ve done all the hard work – all the rigorous learning and planning that has officially lead you to create a website!

Whether you’re going to sell, advertise, or educate, you’re finally ready to let your website lead you there, and can put your plan into action.

Launch your website, and prepare for a lifelong relationship with the internet.

Your business and your website’s honeymoon, is about to begin.


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