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Your design, Rocketspark and BizStory

Keeping it simple for graphic designers

Designing a website should be simple. 

We believe in doing what you love, Rocketspark takes care of the technology, BizStory produces the content and you create the design. 

Over the years, BizStory and Rocketspark have worked together to create beautiful websites with graphic designers. 

Web copywriting products for designers

Content that comes in all shapes and sizes

What is copywriting for web?

You’ve probably seen it or referred to it in different terms, different phrases like: web content, website copywriting, online content, digital content, blogging or social articles.

We offer content in all sizes!

Is it another case of potato, po-tah-to or do these terms mean different things?

Whatever you want to call it, you need content for your web design. This is why you’re on this page, right? 

Rather than try to define it, we’re all about offering you a variety of content that leaves a strong impression with your clients and their readers.  

Here – in no particular order – are three ways BizStory can improve your clients’ presence online.

  1. Web content for websites
  2. Product content for ecommerce
  3. Promoted articles for social channels

Web content for websites

You mean websites need content?

Buy web content

Yes, they do! How many websites have you seen without words? Do you think they’re effective at selling without content?

Other things to think about: How will you get content for your website designs? From your clients?

While your client might be an award-winning author, you might encounter difficulties when translating their ideas, values, and beliefs onto a web page.

"My client is an award-winning author"

Will the content fit within your design? Your clients are likely to hand over waaaaaaaaay too much content as they don’t think the way you do. Content that you will spend ages breaking up so it’s web ready.

Will it be SEO optimised? If your client is writing it, there’s a better chance of lightning striking the same spot twice.

Will the content be written in an appropriate, user-friendly style? Maybe. Most clients tend to go too technical or detailed due to their in-depth knowledge.

What if I have too much content?

Or vice versa, you might find your client is barely able to give you his or her full name. It’s like pulling teeth.

This is why you need a content team who can make sure the shoe fits. We make sure our content brings the right attention to your client, creating more inquiry opportunities. Our words and content strategies also trigger better optimisation and search engine results.

Product content for ecommerce

Products are more than just images? They need content too?

Buy product content

Your clients' customers need good content to help them make buying decisions. 

This is why the project you are working on requires the help of an experienced ecommerce content writer. 

We can help you out with that, no worries! 

Our BizStory process for ecommerce sites includes developing, creating, and rewriting: 

  • Key pages
  • Product category pages 
  • Product descriptions to enhance your customers’ product knowledge

“If people like you, they'll listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you.”

– Zig Ziglar 

We understand the importance of building trust with customers deciding to purchase products from you. So, we write content that improves customer experience and rates highly with search engines. 

We know how to get readers excited so they're ready to order. Stop hiding your content! Rather, get content that fits with your ecommerce design.

Promoted articles for social channels

What? You can generate enquiries from social?

Buy promoted articles

This is ideal for clients who need to churn out regular content to stay top of mind with their customers. 

You can help them achieve their goals with: 

  • Monthly promoted articles that target a chosen audience
  • Regular content on their blog
  • Paid online advertising and native editorials
  • Social media posts
  • Email marketing
  • External article placement

Our promoted article packages offer your clients an opportunity to reach more people through all their online marketing channels.

Crisp Graphics

"Working with the Rocketspark and BizStory team has been great.

My customers are stoked, they get an awesome website, while I get to focus on design."

– Tonia Hill, Crisp Graphics

Emma Mearns - ASICS NZ

Some of the projects we have worked on together...

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